uPlay Soccer

Manager 1 is one of the most complete games football manager in the world.
In this game you have to take into account many factors to progress: strategic, financial management skills, planning, morale of the players, sponsors, etc.
One of the most interesting and important aspects of the game is its quarry management, training, and progression of the players.
Manager 1 also stands out from its competitors by its simulation engine (3D and 2D)
Manager 1 should be taken as a long term play. If you give it a chance and test the game for 2 months, then you will never want to play other games, just Manager1.

Online Football Manager Game
OFMG is a simplified version of Manager1.
It is designed to be an attractive and simple game, with the best features of Manager1.
This can be an ideal to enter online football games, or for those users of Manager1 that are looking something more simple.

Soccer Manager Pro
Soccer Manager Pro is a game with real players.
In this game you can compete with your friends in leagues in which every one fight to sign the best players in the world and create a dream team.
Soccer Manager Pro has the simulation engine, and transfer market (auctions), of Manager1.